Yvonne O

I started attending Lea’s classes when she taught at a local gym- you had to stay up til midnight in order to book the following weeks class because it was so popular! I was so happy when she opened the Iso Barre Studio. There’s definitely something about Iso Barre that is addictive! I guess its the way it makes you feel after the class; stronger, more flexible and toned, all of which I desperately needed! You definitely feel the difference if you miss a few classes. But, it’s especially the expert teaching led by Lea and her Iso Barre team and its community spirit that makes it so unique and special.

All of the instructors are amazing and give clear descriptions of the exercises with lots of individual encouragement and gentle pushing to achieve the next levels whilst also allowing you to work at your own pace. They also work easily around and make adaptions for any injuries you might have. Each week small changes are made to the programme in order to make progress and to strengthen and tone all muscle groups. This continued variety stimulates both mind and body and you’ll never get bored of doing the same exercise.

I think I let myself get so out of shape that I never believed that my strength and tone would come back but gradually it is! I couldn’t recommend these classes highly enough!

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