Kathy G

I’ve been a consistent devotee of Iso Barre since 2015. I’ve tried many other forms of exercise since my kids were born 25 years ago, and Iso Barre is the only programme which ticks all the boxes and which I have been committed to the most. The classes are so carefully planned to target every muscle group in a variety of ways making you achieve real results, with graduation to level 2 if you want to progress.

Run in the beautiful studio in Thames Ditton, the teachers are delightful and highly trained with watchful eyes to correct techniques as necessary.

I have a mild scoliosis and have suffered with low back pain for many years. IsoBarre has become a part of my routine and I quickly notice how my back tightens when I miss a class. It comes highly recommended.

Thank you Lea and your team for making a difference.

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