Iso Barre is a truly unique exercise experience. But don’t just take our word for it. Read what satisfied clients and fitness professionals have to say about Iso Barre:

What the expert says…

Iso Barre is a challenging class both physically and mentally, but it is totally non impact, meaning it is kind to your joints. Iso Barre not only works on core stability, posture and balance, but it will strengthen and tone virtually every muscle in your body. Intense periods of exercise are followed by careful stretching.
- Anna Savill, Physiotherapist MCSP, MMACP, AACP, OCPPP, HPC

What clients are saying…

I started going to Isobarre just over a year ago and I can honestly say it’s the best studio I have ever been to. Everyone, including all instructors and Isobarre attendees, are so lovely and friendly. Each class is different and I love mixing up my weekly routine from TRX, Isobarre and HIIT. Thanks to their incredible knowledge, ALL of the fabulous Isobarre instructors keep the classes challenging as well as fun!

I also look forward to going to a class. Even if I feel tired after a long day at work I still go to Isobarre as I know I will feel invigorated, energised and strong afterwards.

I love being a part of the Isobarre community and I would recommend it to anyone, all ages and fitness levels. I got hooked after my initial complimentary class and I’m sure you will too! 😊 x

- Nathalie W

I started attending Lea’s classes when she taught at a local gym- you had to stay up til midnight in order to book the following weeks class because it was so popular! I was so happy when she opened the Iso Barre Studio. There’s definitely something about Iso Barre that is addictive! I guess its the way it makes you feel after the class; stronger, more flexible and toned, all of which I desperately needed! You definitely feel the difference if you miss a few classes. But, it’s especially the expert teaching led by Lea and her Iso Barre team and its community spirit that makes it so unique and special.

All of the instructors are amazing and give clear descriptions of the exercises with lots of individual encouragement and gentle pushing to achieve the next levels whilst also allowing you to work at your own pace. They also work easily around and make adaptions for any injuries you might have. Each week small changes are made to the programme in order to make progress and to strengthen and tone all muscle groups. This continued variety stimulates both mind and body and you’ll never get bored of doing the same exercise.

I think I let myself get so out of shape that I never believed that my strength and tone would come back but gradually it is! I couldn’t recommend these classes highly enough!

- Yvonne O

I’ve been a consistent devotee of Iso Barre since 2015. I’ve tried many other forms of exercise since my kids were born 25 years ago, and Iso Barre is the only programme which ticks all the boxes and which I have been committed to the most. The classes are so carefully planned to target every muscle group in a variety of ways making you achieve real results, with graduation to level 2 if you want to progress.

Run in the beautiful studio in Thames Ditton, the teachers are delightful and highly trained with watchful eyes to correct techniques as necessary.

I have a mild scoliosis and have suffered with low back pain for many years. IsoBarre has become a part of my routine and I quickly notice how my back tightens when I miss a class. It comes highly recommended.

Thank you Lea and your team for making a difference.

- Kathy G

In 2012 I fractured my spine and was diagnosed with osteoporosis in my spine and hips. I was a bit shocked at getting it quite so early, so decided I had to do something about it.

I was started on medication and once my fracture had healed, I signed up to Iso Barre, initially attending one class a week. I really struggled, but within a few weeks I could see a difference in my body shape, so persevered, gradually improving my technique.

I had another bone density scan three years later and a significant improvement was recorded. This spurred me on and I started attending a couple of classes a week. There are still some moves I can’t do, but the instructors are patient and encouraging, providing alternatives for moves I can’t do.

I had a further scan earlier this year and was deemed to be within 5% range of my age group with a low fracture risk and was able to come off the medication.

Obviously, I made other lifestyle changes, I cycle and walk as much as I can, and eat sensibly. However, I truly believe that the results have come from Iso Barre.

- Lorraine

I have been attending Iso Barre for over one year now and am really impressed with the extra strength that I have gained in my body (in particular in my upper body which has always been on the weak side).

I recently twisted both knees quite badly during a ski holiday which prevented me from playing tennis and other sports. After a few physiotherapy sessions I started back to Iso Barre and noticed that after only a few classes my knees were feeling a lot better. Six weeks later I was back on the ski slopes and playing tennis again. My rapid recovery impressed my physiotherapist so much that she now attends the same Iso Barre class as me each week!! I can’t recommend Iso Barre enough: it’s easy to do – you don’t need to be sporty or fit, but you will notice a difference after just a few classes.

- Irene

I leave the class feeling energetic and supple. Iso Barre is now part of my week as it has made me feel stronger and leaner, I feel great and I would not be without it! This is the first summer I have felt confident enough to wear sleeveless tops!

- Lucy T

After an Achilles injury I was not allowed to do heavy impact exercises and somebody suggested to have a go at Iso Barre. I was skeptical at first as it was so different to what I was used to and to be honest I also thought that this would be too easy for me. How wrong can you be?! It is just brilliant, Lea is an exceptional and inspiring instructor, constantly reminding you how to do it right but also pushing you always to the next level. It is a very challenging class but it really makes a difference. The individual exercises vary a lot too so there is always a new surprise in store. You will discover muscle groups you didn’t know existed. I have now done this for over a year and doing two classes a week. It is very addictive.

- Gerda

I’ve been going to Iso Barre for over 18 months now and usually go twice a week. It is still hard but I love feeling myself getting stronger and more flexible – it’s quite empowering! It is amazing how effective the small movements we do are and Lea is a brilliant teacher who manages to balance motivating me and pushing me exactly right. My goal is to make my plank and push ups to look as strong and effortless as Lea’s!

- Lucy C

I have been doing Iso Barre for over a year now. The classes are friendly and welcoming. You are encouraged to push your self to the best of your ability, with Lea or Sally constantly checking on your positioning and helping you achieve your best. I feel extremely strong, tight and toned since coming to Iso Barre. It is challenging, but unlike anything else I’ve ever come across. It is unique and achieves fantastic results!

- Neadine

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