Our Classes

60 min

A class suited for all levels of ability.

60 min

A faster-paced class for the experienced Iso Barre client.

45 min

Body-weight resistance training using TRX stations.

45 min

45 minutes of high intensity strength, cardio and core intervals.

40 min

6 rounds of 6 exercises with high/low/no impact options.

60 min

Core-centric exercises to develop strength and power.


Iso Barre news


13 May 2013

Lesley O’Keeffe, the lead TRX instructor at the Iso Barre studio posts about her favourite form of exercise. If her incredibly strong TRX honed bod doesn’t already convince you of the benefits of TRX training, why not book yourself in for a free trial class and see for yourself? Lea Please don’t be afraid of those yellow and black straps you see hanging in the studio! We promise our TRX …

Inspiring Client

25 Feb 2013

I am constantly inspired by clients. The best part about my job is that each and every day I see your goals in the studio not only being reached, but also the hard work and perseverance that goes into making it happen. There are many of you who have set fitness goals for yourselves outside of the studio as well. With the London Marathon around the corner there are lots …

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