Free Breath Work and Meditation Workshop

Anneke Thordsen

Join us for a free workshop led by Anneke Thordsen on Thursday, 19th November at 7:30pm. All are welcome. Sign up HERE.

Anneke is an Iso-Barre client who founded the Elmbridge Mental Fitness and Meditation Centre in 2017. Previously a partner at a leading global financial services organisation, she experienced first-hand the fast-paced environment of delivering service to multi-national clients across geographies and industries, motivating and co-ordinating diverse  teams to achieve peak performance under tight deadlines. Struggling to balance work and home relationships and responsibilities, a feeling of overwhelm, anxiety and stress pushed her to resign this position and begin her research into how to change her life by ‘changing her brain’.
Through the centre, Anneke offers programs to boost Mental Fitness including Breathwork and Meditation workshops, 1-2-1 coaching, group talks and the ground-breaking Mental Fitness Mastery Program guaranteed to increase success, peace of mind and more rewarding relationships, utilising an award-winning technological platform.

As a Certified Educational Kinesiologist she recently launched the Resonating Relationships product, supporting clients to remove vibrational blocks affecting all of their  relationships –  with people, situations and ‘things’ including health, wealth, love and business.
“There is NO ONE FIX for everyone”, Anneke says and offers a FREE 25 minutes Design Call to find the best fit for you at or email Anneke on and like her Fb page at
Anneke lives in Hinchley Wood, Surrey, with her husband and two teenage daughters, with plenty opportunities to ‘practice what she preaches’!

Change the way you think about something, and the thing you think about will change!!

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