Iso Barre-mixed ability
60 min
A class suited for all levels of ability. Options and modifications are given so that clients can, with guidance, tailor each exercise to suit their individual needs. Clients either new to exercise, or with rehab requirements are encouraged to come to mixed ability classes.
Iso Barre-level 2
60 min

A class for the experienced Iso Barre client, who attends multiple classes per week. Level 2 is a faster paced class, with options to increase intensity, along with greater reps and resistance. Clients should have attended a minimum of 20 mixed ability classes before adding a level 2 class.

Iso Run Club
45 min

Lace up your trainers for a fun running/ conditioning class for all levels. Alternating sprints, intervals and maybe even hill repeats with body-weight strength training. No runners left behind.

Iso Sweat
45 min

This is a 45 minute high intensity interval training class (HiiT). This quick and intense class will boost metabolism, burn fat and build muscle. As always, you will be coached on form and technique and offered modifications and progressions making this class suitable for all levels of ability.

Iso Tabata
40 min

Iso Tabata is 6 rounds of 6 exercises in the Tabata format, 20 seconds max effort followed by 10 seconds rest. High/low/no impact options offered for every exercise. All levels welcome.

Iso Core Connection
60 min

Iso Core Connection looks at strengthening the whole body through the core. You will work through a series of exercises, each one designed to develop strength and endurance specific to a body component (shoulders/legs/arms/back) yet integrally tying into your core as the foundation of your strength. You will develop great core strength which will enable you to engage more power and transfer of force through your entire body.

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