About Iso Barre

Iso Barre is a unique and challenging collection of full-body group exercise classes.

Clients are expertly led through a series of conditioning intervals which systematically target each muscle group through a combination of isometrics, resistance, and barre work for core strengthening and alignment.

Deep recovery stretching follows each interval to lengthen and shape the body. Guidance on form and technique is delivered by a highly trained team of instructors resulting in the most efficient and effective barre classes available.

  • physiotherapist endorsed
  • non-impact, safe, suitable for all levels
  • improves posture and flexibility
  • burns fat, builds stamina
  • boosts metabolism
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Lea Taylor, Founder

Lea is from the east coast of the USA, and her career in dance and fitness spans more than 20 years. With a BA in dance from the prestigious Juilliard school in NYC, along with fitness qualifications from both the US and the UK including group fitness, barre training, group indoor cycling and TRX suspension training, she has an outstanding pedigree.

Following a move to the UK in 2009, Lea created Iso Barre. She took her method to local health and fitness centres and within a very short space of time, members were queuing to attend her classes. The demand for Iso Barre became so great that a custom built studio was opened in the spring of 2012, with plans for additional studios in the works. Lea finds teaching Iso Barre incredibly fulfilling.

“I love helping people reach their fitness goals, recover from injury and find ways to overcome chronic pain.”

She is excited to now have the chance to train other fitness professionals to use Iso Barre in their own classes.


Meet the team

Our instructors deliver clear, concise instruction, which makes it possible for the client to get an incredibly focused and intense workout. Every instructor has been trained and certified in the Iso Barre method, is a minimum level 2 exercise to music certified, fully licensed and insured. All instructors are certified first aiders.

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Sally Lloyd-Jones

Sally joined the Iso Barre team in 2011. Sally has background in classical ballet, and spent her formative years training at the Solihull School of Ballet and the Royal Academy of Dancing on scholarship.

Sally eventually left the world of dance and became a chartered surveyor. 12 years and two children later, she discovered Iso Barre.

“I finally found a form of exercise which gave me the strength and tone I had as a dancer.”


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Maddie McVeigh

Maddie worked as a commercial property lawyer in London for 15 years reaching senior associate level. She left her legal life to raise her two young daughters, however not being one to sit still for too long, she decided to pursue a lifelong passion and became a certified fitness instructor and TRX trainer.

“I love being fit and strong and I want others to feel that way too. I enjoy watching people embrace the challenge of getting and staying fit, and seeing the achievement they feel afterwards. As I told my husband when he first started out, ‘don’t push too hard too soon or you won’t learn to love it. Proper exercise and training is not a fad to be got through in January or to get beach-fit: it’s a mindset and lifestyle which delivers well being.”

Maddie has a keen interest in high intensity training, including cardiovascular and muscular endurance, and tailors her classes to suit all levels. In addition to teaching classes at Iso Barre, Maddie is also a first responder working voluntarily in the ambulance service.

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Cara Cahill

Cara came to the very first Iso Barre class in 2011 and was hooked. Last year, she decided to take her love of Iso Barre to the next level and train as an instructor.

Previously Cara worked as a safety performance consultant, before becoming the communications officer for a small charity. She has always been interested in fitness, trying everything from step classes to kickboxing.

“I love Iso Barre because it has something to offer everyone; you don’t need to be super fit or incredibly co-ordinated, you just need to come for an hour and that time will help improve your posture, muscle tone and strength. It’s also an amazing community to be part of.”

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Jeanette Butler

Jeanette grew up with a passion for fitness & has always loved competing in a variety of sports including karate & dance. She has taught karate & currently volunteers & teaches at her local West Coast Swing dance group.

Following rave reviews from a friend, Jeanette tried her first Iso Barre class in Thames Ditton & became hooked. Amazed at the rapid changes & improved strength in her body Jeanette was keen to find out more so jumped when the opportunity arose to train as an instructor. Now qualified Jeanette is delighted to be part of the Iso Barre team.


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Laura Hayes

I have always had a love for movement and dance. I trained professionally at Bird College in London. As a Professional Dancer I understand the importance of looking after both your body and mind. Being in such a tough, competitive industry where you are often ‘just a number’ it was always important for me to have something where I was able to switch off. I found this in fitness and wellbeing and this hobby quickly turned into a passion.

For me it still doesn’t feel like a job and I love helping clients push themselves and reach their goals however big or small. Being a PT I am always keen to learn and try new methods of training. I think it is important to work on a connection between the mind and body through movement, moving in a way that releases the body and strengthens it at the same time. My classes are tough but encouraging and together we will work on reaching your best self both physically and mentally.


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Jane Needs

Jane has always enjoyed an active lifestyle. Throughout her childhood and teen years, Jane studied and performed many genres of dance. Her love of movement turned into a passion for fitness.

Jane has a degree in chemistry and diplomas in dental hygiene and therapy, and worked at an award winning dental practice in The City of London before taking time out to raise a family. During this time, Jane was looking for a new exercise challenge when she won a raffle prize of 6 classes at Iso Barre! That was in 2014 and she became a committed, loyal client! She loved combining the various classes, and the improvement in her strength, cardio fitness and mental well-being that followed.

Now a qualified Fitness Instructor, Jane is excited to be part of the Iso Barre team. She wants to help others experience the numerous benefits and rewards that exercise can provide, and looks forward to helping clients acquire and maintain a positive attitude to regular exercise- a vital part in achieving a healthy lifestyle.


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