Our Classes

60 min

A class suited for all levels of ability.

60 min

A faster-paced class for the experienced Iso Barre client.

45 min

Body-weight resistance training using TRX stations.

45 min

45 minutes of high intensity strength, cardio and core intervals.

40 min

6 rounds of 6 exercises with high/low/no impact options.

60 min

Core-centric exercises to develop strength and power.


Iso Barre news


30 Mar 2021

Time is an amazing thing. We ask so much of it… to slow down, to fly by, to stop. We will it to be kind and to be on our side. We manage it, we waste it, we cherish it, we run out of it- we expect healing and forgiveness with its passing. Despite all these demands, time keeps on ticking, it goes by, it travels. If there’s one thing …

Merry Christmas

24 Dec 2020

Free Breath Work and Meditation Workshop

16 Nov 2020

Join us for a free workshop led by Anneke Thordsen on Thursday, 19th November at 7:30pm. All are welcome. Sign up HERE. Anneke is an Iso-Barre client who founded the Elmbridge Mental Fitness and Meditation Centre in 2017. Previously a partner at a leading global financial services organisation, she experienced first-hand the fast-paced environment of delivering service to multi-national clients across geographies and industries, motivating and co-ordinating diverse  teams to …

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