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Following the successful launch of my class based exercise programme Iso Barre in 2010, I am delighted to announce a new Surrey based training opportunity exclusively for exercise professionals -Iso Barre Elements.

The Iso Barre Elements Training Workshop will run on selected Weekends throughout 2016 at the Iso Barre studio in Thames Ditton, Surrey.

Iso Barre Elements is not a replacement for your current programme – it’s an enhancement that can be integrated into what you already do well, seamlessly.

There are lots of benefits for both your business and your clients:

Iso Barre Elements

What is Iso Barre and Iso Barre Elements?

Iso Barre is a class based programme that systematically targets each muscle group with a combination of isometric exercises, light weights and a ballet barre for stability. Deep recovery stretching lengthens and shapes the muscles to achieve a lean, long body.

Iso Barre Elements is a training workshop for professionals only that cherry picks key Elements from the Iso Barre package and allows you to integrate them into your own successful classes and programmes. Iso Barre Elements gives you the chance to deliver a new and unique element within your classes, giving you greater differentiation and effectiveness. You can use Iso Barre Elements to refresh and enhance your existing classes, seamlessly.

2016  Iso Barre Elements Workshops

Friday 17th June-Sunday 19th June

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Price: Iso Barre Elements Workshop: £300.


Here’s why you should get on board:

The benefits to your clients:

  • Iso Barre practice delivers the distinctive long, lean, toned silhouette that is so coveted
    by clients.
  • Clients will experience selected exercises from a unique and challenging system which
    helps improve posture and flexibility, strength and stamina. Intense strengthening
    intervals are followed by recovery stretching to lengthen and tone muscles.
  • Your pre and rehab clients will benefit too – here’s what respected Chartered
    Physiotherapist Anna Savill had to say about the Iso Barre mixed ability class in a
    recent review:
    Iso Barre addresses both control of movements and strengthening and will assist in
    recovery as well as prevention of injuries”.
  • Iso Barre Elements will complement and may improve the effectiveness of your existing
    Pilates/Yoga based class, or personal training programme.
  • As well as enjoying the results of your new enhanced class, your clients will be
    motivated and invigorated by the refresh to their class routine.

The Benefits to you:

  • Client retention and satisfaction. The most successful class programmes are the ones
    which continually update and reinvigorate their offer.
  • Low cost skills enhancement. You will learn a selected portfolio of Iso Barre exercises within the Elements workshop, which is both cost and time effective.


Places are limited so book early. The Iso Barre Elements Workshop is available to exclusively to certified Pilates, Yoga and personal training professionals. Training is led by Iso Barre Founder Lea Taylor at The Iso Barre Studio in Thames Ditton. Certification and training materials will be provided.

 Friday 17th June-Sunday 19th June

Price: Iso Barre Elements Workshop: £300.


Please call Iso Barre on 07540 138066 or e mail to book your place.
From time to time we would like to be able to get in touch with you to provide you with information on further training and other Iso Barre Elements related information. Please e mail if you do not wish to receive such information.