Iso Barre 12 Days of Fitmas

All I want for Christmas is a year of FREE classes!

Challenge Time…and the winner will get a year of FREE CLASSES!* There are 12 days of classes left in this session. Why not make them your fittest ever? If you are currently enrolled, you can attend as many classes as you wish in the final 12 days of this session, at no extra cost. Whomever has attended the most classes between Monday, 9th December and Saturday, 21st December will be our winner. Work out every day, maybe do back-to-back classes, or maybe you just get to one or two more classes than usual…what I want you to remember is that fitness is not a look, it’s a FEELING! And I want to give you the gift of feeling great. 

Here’s how to get started:
1. Pick up an Iso Barre “12 Days of Fitmas” class log at the studio
2. Email to request your extra classes
3. Record ALL of your classes and get instructor initials
4. Hand your class log to an instructor by 21/12/19

1. The Iso Barre 12 Days of Fitmas Challenge is for enrolled clients only. Not available to “drop in” clients
2. Applies to classes between 9/12/19 and 21/12/19 only
3. Completed log sheets must be handed in by 21/12/19
4. Extra classes must be requested via email
5. Extra classes are based on availability 

Have fun and feel great! Maybe try some new classes. Most of all, enjoy yourself. Love, Lea xx


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Lesley O’Keeffe, the lead TRX instructor at the Iso Barre studio posts about her favourite form of exercise. If her incredibly strong TRX honed bod doesn’t already convince you of the benefits of TRX training, why not book yourself in for a free trial class and see for yourself? Lea   Please don’t be afraid of those yellow and black straps you see hanging in the studio! We promise our TRX classes are not torture, but quite the opposite.  TRX is a total body workout that creates great results. TRX Suspension Training systems...

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Inspiring Client

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I am constantly inspired by clients. The best part about my job is that each and every day I see your goals in the studio not only being reached, but also the hard work and perseverance that goes into making it happen. There are many of you who have set fitness goals for yourselves outside of the studio as well. With the London Marathon around the corner there are lots of you training hard. Meet Jo Mir, who is running in aid of the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation which is a charity very, very close to my heart. Lea: When did you begin...

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Happy New Year

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For many of us, the month of January is about resolutions- resolving to stop doing things we feel are unhealthy or indulgent, and to start doing things which we hope will improve our overall wellbeing. More often than not these resolutions are viewed as a punishment for a year’s worth of mistakes or shortcomings. Detoxing the mind, the body, the finances, whatever, in hopes that a handful of vitamins or a week of eating nothing but chia seeds will let us emerge in February all shiny and new and bad-habit free. I for one am sulking through...

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